We use cookies to help you make better use of our website. Cookies are small pieces of data temporarily stored by your browser in your computer and on your mobile device, allowing you to better experience our website. Cookies do not contain personal information about you and can not be used to identify individual users' identities. Cookies usually have a unique identifier, which is an anonymous number (randomly generated) stored on your device. Some of them end up when your website session ends, while others stay longer on your computer.

First Party Cookies

First-party cookies are defined by the website you are browsing and can only be read by this site.

Third-party Cookies

Third party cookies are defined by other organizations we use for different services. For example, external data analysis services that we are benefiting from, and suppliers that provide this service, define our step-by-step cookies to report what is popular and what is not. Your web site you are traveling to may also have content such as content embedded on YouTube, and these sites may identify their own cookies.

Why should I allow cookies?

The information contained in the cookies is used to improve the services offered to you, for example:

  • If you enable a service to recognize your device you do not have to give the same information over and over again during a session, for example, filling out a web form or web survey
  • Support for the Favorites feature
  • Allow the video player to function properly
  • We can understand how people are interacting with different aspects of our online services by analyzing anonymous data and making sure that we have enough capacity to enable the services to be used, Help